1 Pair Fast Magnetic Foot Weight Loss Massage Toe Ring + 1 Pair Magnetic Healthcare Earring Weight Loss Earrings Slimming Y061


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    Earring Usage: two Cikou sucked in need of treatment corresponding to acupuncture points, repeatedly press day,
    press for at least 10 times, can not be the time and place restrictions, repeated treatment.

    Toe Ring:
    Need not excessive dieting, also need not desperately movement, without any pain, as long as have this small weight loss in the,
    You can easily have long legs!!!!Perfect curve is not a dream!!!!!!
    So air, mystery is what??
    Have two pieces of small magnet at the bottom, can emit 1100 gauss magnetic, stimulate the soles of the feet of the most sensitive point!
    Activate the muscles at ordinary times is not easy to use, improve the walking posture is not correct.
    Unknowingly modified legs, losing excess fat!
    A simultaneous leg slimming, do both!!!!!

    Package include: 1 Pair Massage Toe Ring+1 Pair Weight Loss Earring. Y061
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