10,000pcs/pack Solid Color Orbeez Crystal Water Paintball Bullets Growing Swelling Water Beads Growing Balls for Water Toy Pistol Crystal Mud Home Decor


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10,000pcs/pack Colored Orbeez Soft Crystal Water Paintball Bullets Growing Water Beads Growing Balls for Toy Pistol in 9-11mm/0.35- 0.43in

Product Description:

1. Function: non-fade,non-toxic,100% biodegradable and non-flammable.

2. It can be a great learning tool. And kids will be busy having fun experimenting for hours.

3. Many uses for decoration for weddings and showers as centerpieces.

4. Ideal for candles, silk & cut flower arrangements, centerpieces and etc..

5. Less expensive and more attractive than marbles or stones.

6. Ideal for home decor, crafts, floral departments and etc.!

7. The crystal paintballs can be made easily.

How to make paintballs:

1.About 180ml water for 200pcs paintballs

2.Put the paintballs into water and wait for about 3-5 hours.

Size: 9mm-11mm /0.35in- 0.43in (after it's soaked in water)

The beads will grow up in the water and they are really beautiful. Sometimes sizes of the swollen balls vary, please understand. Thank you!

Choking hazard:

1. It's prohibited that the swollen crystal elastic beads be placed into the mouth in case that the children get choked or harmed.

2. Please use them under the supervision of adults.

3. Do not store paintballs in cold place.

4. Do not shoot at eyes.

Package contents:

10,000pcs Water Bullet Balls