100pcs 5mm X 1mm Disc Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Magnets


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Free shipping, 15 – 45 days
Ages: 7+ ages, both for kids and adults.
Operating temperature: 80 degree Celsius/176 Fahrenheit
Magnets Type: Neodymium.
Disc Size: diameter 5mm x thickness 1mm
Rating: N35.
Package Included: 100 PCS Magnets.

1. Super strong Rare-Earth magnets, once they get stuck with each other, they are hard to break apart.
2. Can also be used to extend protected lithium batteries with recessed contact points.
3. Electrically conductive (making them suitable to extend recessed batteries).
4. Neodymium magnets are usually coated Nickel-Copper-Nickel plating to prevent the iron from rusting.
5. Perfect for sticking notes on fridge doors. Great for do-it-yourself projects.