100pcs/Pack Very Rare Rainbow Tomato Seeds Fruit And Vegetable Seeds Organic Potted Plants For Home Garden


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Seed germinate is a long process, please be careful to protect it!
Early maturing parthenocarpic hybrid.
When adequate nutrition forms 6-7 fruits at each node.
The fruit with thorns dark green color and good consistency, without bitterness.
Suitable for fresh consumption and processing.
Ideal for the production of hybrid gherkins. Resistant to diseases (cucumber mosaic virus, kladosporiozu and powdery mildew).
It is recommended to be grown in glass or plastic greenhouses, in open ground vertical and horizontal ways.
Mid-season hybrid (45-55 days).

Indeterminate (climbing) plant. Short, cylindrical, green cucumbers, 7-8 cm (3 in.) long.

Plant has to ability to regenerate that makes it possible to collect cucumbers until late autumn.

Use fresh, for pickling and salting.
Package include:
15x Cucumber Seeds
Package include:
500Pcs Carrot Seeds
Package Include:
10Pcs Mini Watermelon Seeds
Package Include:
100pcs kiwi / bag

-Rainbow tomatoes refer to mix tomato seeds, including a variety of beautiful colors.
-Looks beautiful and tastes good.
-Thick pericarp, heatproof, strong resistence and rich nutrition, kind of special vegetables.
Packing List:
100pcs x Rainbow Tomato Seeds Color Bonsai
Package Included:
1000Pcs X Sugar Cane Seeds