10PCS lnstant Breast Lift Bra lnvisible Tape Push Up Boob Uplift Shape Enhancers


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    This paragraph mention placket is designed for the mm of bosom prolapse, the effect is very good, is a use, stick good hand smoothing 15 seconds after fixed!!!!!
    But, because of the placket is to rely on U lift up the weight of the chest, so suggest the chest more delicate the mm of single use no more than four hours, otherwise it may cause chest injury.
    Method of use:
    Tear open the below half of products first, any stick at the top of the breast, and then will tear the first half of the product.
    Add milk post good lift to a certain height will be OK.
    Very simple oh!!!!
    Dating, mm people have for wearing a very beautiful and sexy clothes on her back, but revealing lingerie straps or straps, let whole beautiful greatly discount??
    Anniversary of the founding of the party, banquet mm people can worry too do not know how to use the sexy underwear to supplement and close-fitting gown, without revealing underwear with traces at all??
    Mm people will because the sport or swimming but find it inconvenient to wear underwear breast prolapse lead to very ugly??
    Casual dress in his underwear, mm people have for a long time to feel uncomfortable, tense and not free??
    Want to take off the underwear and afraid of being seen??
    Export products, popular all over the world
    Have a function to prevent breast prolapse.
    Transparent, invisible, too
    Easy to use simple, as long as gently tear stickers, stick to the chest.
    Use steps show box, can press here.
    Allergic skin careful
    Transparent lift chest stick "bringing IT UP & LIFTS: transparent placket is currently the best physical prevent breast prolapse of products, IT can make a breast lift, IT is recommended to use time of 8 hours.
    * promote breast, looks more beautiful!
    * avoid revealing lingerie straps and straps, damage appearance!
    * suitable for any clothes, especially the evening dress, deep - v, backless, bikini, and t-shirts, and so on..
    * more freedom than underwear, comfortable and convenient!
    * nature soft, gentle, not hurt the skin!
    * easy to paste and remove the!
    * suitable for any cup,
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