12 Sheets A373-384 Nail Art Water Transfer Sticker Stickers Cute Mickey Mouse Cartoon Stickers Wraps Decoration Tips (Color: Multicolor)


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Free shipping, 15 – 45 days
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Type: 12 IN 1 (12 sheets in 1 page)
Package: 1 pcs Large Nail Art Stickers (12 sheets)
1.Paint your nails in the colors of your choice according to the stickers you have chosen.Learn that varnish to dry properly !!
2. If there is a transparent plastic film on the face of the set of stickers you have chosen, now the time to remove it before we start playing!
3. Cut around each sticker you want to use.
4. Place each sticker one by one in a little water for 15-30 seconds when you are ready to apply them to the chosen finger.
5. Drag the decal to the paper it comes on. (I find it easier to do it with my finger tip) dabbing the excess water carefully.
6. Place the sticker very lightly on your nail in the position you want it to rest and press on.
7. If you find that it is some of the decal that overlap the edge of the nail, file this off gently with a fine nail file.
8. Apply a good quality top coat (transparent varnish).