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    1X Laptop protective film

    Color: transparent
    Material: three storey high penetration material
    Uses: For 14-inch laptop LCD screen

    Protective film knowledge:
    1, protect the LCD Brightly paste the surface hardness than the average liquid crystal surface polarizing film, and smooth, can effectively prevent accidental scratches and wear.
    Even if accidentally damaged, the replacement of a bright film prices, but also much less than the replacement of the entire LCD screen.
    2, the mirror effect LCD bright stickers, able to ordinary LCD screen into a mirror effect of your beautiful screen.
    3, bright and beautiful paste can effectively enhance the LCD brightness! A lot of friends posted in the store posted a beautiful surprise to find,
    His dim laptop LCD screen, suddenly became so bright, could not help but prefer his books.
    Principle: The use of multi-layer optical film simulation of micro-lensing principle, will have been absorbed by the lower polarizer S-polarized light reflected back to the backlight.
    This part of the S light after the depolarization of the material of the backlight layer, re-emerge, the recycling, the final P-polarized light emitted under the polarizer,
    Form a light source supplement.

    Anti Glare Version: upgrade and enhanced anti-glare screen protector can effectively reduce the glare of sunlight and UV emission from the LCD screen and reduce the visual fatigue.
    made of pet, automatic electrostatic adsorption of silicone, no residue when removed
    3 - low structure, stofafstotend, anti glare, anti scratch, machine washable and durable
    anti uv, prevent ultraviolet damage to the lcd screen
    good visual eff ects with clear and live image, uneasy to produce call
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