2017 New 16 Colors Lip Gloss Brand Matte Velvet Lip Gloss Long Lasting Makeup Nude Liquid Lipstick Waterproof Lipgloss for Women


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Product description:
Type: Lip gloss 
Product: 16 Colors Lipgloss
Silky and exquisite, bright color lipgloss, with increased temperature of lips, the color become rich and gaudy. It's long lasting, no meltdown, waterproof and without fading 
1. Thin, Light as a feather; Matte and long lasting, full colors without fading
2. Don't touch the cup does not fade
3. Excellent coloration, color uniform to get perfect makeup
4. Exquisite outlook, transparent outlook, easy to choose which color you want
Color: 16 colors
Ingredient: Mineral oil, vitamin E, etc.
Target User: All skin type
Expiration: 3 years
1.DO NOT use on injured skin
2.Store in normal temperature
3.Keep far away from children 

Package Content: 
Lip gloss* 1 Pc