4 Colors 12ml New Professional Car Paint Repair Pen Waterproof Fix It Pro Clear Car Scratch Remover Painting Pens


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Free shipping, 15 – 45 days
Product Description 
Style:Professional Car Painting Pens 
External Material:Plastic 
Color: Silver,Red,White,Black
Package:1pc Car Paint Pen 
Remove the cap and painting on car scratching part easily. 
Easy to dry, please tighten the cap after use the pen. 
New generic Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen 
Excellent design for clearing coat scratch repair 
Features as non-toxic, permanent,water resistant 
A must item for car lovers and drivers 
How To Use: 
Shake Car Scratch Repair Pen applicator thoroughly with cap on. Apply Car Scratch Repair Pen in shaded area. 
Prime the applicator on a separate surface. Shake Up 40-50 times 
Apply along & into damaged clear coat. Work quickly, Fix it Pro cures in direct sunlight. 
Quickly wipe off excess with dry paper towel, as Fix it Pro can cure rapidly. Allow to cure in sunlight until dry (1-48 hours). Deeper scratches may require additional application.