L/M/S Plastic Water Storage Soft Brush Drawing Paint Watercolor Calligraphy Pen


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    100% Brand New and High Quality
    Material:Plastic + Nylon Hair
    Total Length:12cm ApproxPackage include:3pcs different size pen

    Size Brush Head Length Brush Head Diameter
    L 1.8cm 6mm
    M 1.5cm 4mm
    S 1.5cm 3mm

    Use method:
    A.Injection method
    Unscrew the pen, put some water into the pen

    B.Moisture adjustment tip
    Initially, when used, squeeze a pen nib will effluent
    You can wipe with the paper, adjust the water

    C.Coloring method
    Maintaining adequate moisture pen directly stained with paint and began painting

    D. How to change color
    Need to change color when the pen wipe with a paper towel, you can clear out the color

    E.How to preserve
    When not in use, the tip clean water, close the lid on it

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